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The days of empty marketing are over. Today's customers and prospects have no time for hot air and wishful thinking. They want substance. They want to see that you understand their business needs. And they want help in achieving the million and one things they need to get done today.

Content delivers. It builds brand, creates engagement and drives leads.

In one research study, 72% of technology buyers claimed that up to 75% of their knowledge comes from vendor sponsored content. And a massive 79% of buyers look for new content either daily or weekly.* To put it bluntly – if you want to create engagement, you need to create effective content.

I have spent much of the last 17 years creating content for B2B and technology companies. From white papers, brochures and email through to websites, videos and even a complete hardback book, I've covered the full content spectrum. I've also helped brands develop their own individual voices, creating their style guides and training their writers to communicate more effectively. And I've delivered leads by the bucket load.

What could effective content do for your success? Get in touch.


* Source Knowledgestorm