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Without a view of what’s right, how will you know it when you see it?

I hold the following truths self-evident:

  • Marketing is about changing behaviour whether this is the behaviour of customers, employees, influencers or even competitors
  • No one should ever fight on a level playing field – marketing must stack the odds in your favour, confound the efforts of competitors and create irrational loyalty among customers
  • Doing the same old, same old will result in the same old, same old – as Einstein said, we will not solve problems using the same thinking that created them
  • It’s vital to look outside the marketing bubble, to use the best thinking and approaches no matter where they come from
  • Thinking is open source – it should be collaborative, open to influence both between you and I and between you and your customers and stakeholders
  • The one constant today is change – all strategies must be adaptable, able to change at a moment’s notice
  • Anything is possible – it’s just a matter of working out how and doing it before the competition

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