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A marketing strategy that only exists in PowerPoint will do nothing for your success. Nor will one which endlessly plays out the same games with your competitors. And as for strategy that will take the next year to implement, you may as well forget it.

Strategy today must be fast, pragmatic and make a fundamental difference in the market. You cannot afford to wait while all the pieces drop into place – by that time the world has moved on leaving you behind. Instead you must rewrite the rules of the game to drive events rather than being driven by them.

I develop marketing and brand strategies to ensure you will never compete on a level playing field, that stack the odds in your favour from the word go, that allow you to fight the battles you can win rather than agonising over the ones you cannot.

Rather than relying on the latest book by the current flavour-of-the-month guru, I use the thinking and approaches that work every day in the real world. I employ the same frameworks used the world over in military strategy. And I focus on the critical factors that change customer behaviour.

In doing so, I aim to create strategic approaches that have flexibility built in, which drive relentlessly towards your objectives and that can be implemented before your competitors have time to react.

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